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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

August 14, 1861

Sick Georgia Soldiers Needed Supplies

The Richmond Times Dispatch printed items needed for sick soldiers in several regiments, three of them from Georgia.

The sick in the camps. –We have received a list of the sick in the various camps around the city, and their wants, as reported by a physician. It includes the Thirteenth Alabama, Second Florida, and Thirteenth Georgia Regiments, T. R. Cobb’s Legion, and Sixteenths Georgia regiment, all encamped on the Reservoir grounds; the Fourth Georgia battalion, encamped at the old Fairground; and the Tenth Louisiana Regiment, at the new Fair Grounds. The wants include milk, potatoes, and other fresh vegetables, broths, fresh meats, butter, chickens, syrups for mixing medicines, old shirts, blankets, coverlets, &c. At the General Hospital they need milk daily; also, eggs, butter, shirts and drawers. We are requested to state that a wagon will leave the depot of the Army Committee Y. M. C. A, under the Spotswood Hotel, 4th door from the corner, to visit the camps with supplies, on Thursday, at 2 P. M. All articles, therefore, left there before that hour will be taken out. The citizens, and those residing in the vicinity, can avail themselves of this opportunity to send delicacies, food, prepared, cooked or otherwise, fresh vegetables, milk, &c., &c., to the sick and suffering soldiers. A responsible person will go with the wagon to see that all articles reach their proper destination.