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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

January 28, 1865

Report on Conditions in Savannah

The Richmond Times Dispatch reprinted another report on conditions in Savannah, this one from a Charleston, SC newspaper.

From Savannah. The Charleston Mercury of Friday, the 18th, states that about two hundred and fifty refugees - men, women and children - have arrived in that city from Savannah. They nearly all concur in the statement that the general treatment of the inhabitants of Savannah by the Yankees has been mild. They say that Sherman has, with Foster’s reinforcements, eighty thousand men, and that he began his movement against Branchville and Augusta on Wednesday, January 11. The refugees say that the privates speak of wreaking their vengeance on South Carolina; but the officers say that their actions will depend upon the amount of opposition they may encounter. They declare that if they should have hard fighting to do, and are successful, they will not attempt to restrain their men. The Savannah Republican of January 10th contains the annexed news: “General Geary has issued General Order No. 3, of which the following is the substance: All dealers in goods must have permits from General Geary’s headquarters. Extortioners will be severely punished. Dealers must conform to the published prices. A port tax will be imposed on dealers, also on all places of amusement. Persons who violate this order will be arrested, their stores closed, their goods confiscated and sold, and the proceeds to go to the port fund. Sutlers and purveyors belonging to any portion of the army must confine their sales to their own commands; any dealers belonging to the army who violate these rules will be treated in the same manner as those who do not belong to the army. All offenders will be promptly punished, without any leniency being shown. “The Magnolia Encampment, No. 1, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, have elected the annexed officers for the ensuing year: John Thomas, C. P.; John Harrison, H. P.; John A. Dexter, S. W.; Robert Glover, J. W.; Charles Gross, Scribe; James L. Haust, Treasurer. “Occupants of houses are notified that they must keep the streets in front of their premises thoroughly cleaned. “Dealers in oysters are notified that they must not charge over one dollar per bushel. “The Savannah Home Insurance Company request all holders of policies, dated before January 1, that they must call and get new ones, if future insurance is desired. “Major Arnold notifies the ward committees that they must continue to perform the duties assigned to them. “The special post-office agent requests all holders of post-office box keys to return the same, in order that the boxes may be assigned anew. “The Savannah College for young ladies, and a classical school for boys, have been opened. “All persons owning cotton in the city are ordered to register the same, stating the amounts, and where stored. “Persons who desire to leave by flag of truce for Charleston are notified that every facility will be furnished them.–Wagons and ambulances will be sent to their residences to convey them and their effects to the boat. “The Mayor notifies the citizens that the military authorities have kindly provided wood for them, and will furnish it to the destitute upon his certificates. “‘Doesticks’ delivered a lecture on ‘Pluck’ at the Theatre, on Wednesday evening. Tickets, one dollar. “Blun & Mayer have commenced a general auction and commission business.”