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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

January 20, 1864

Soldier Moved from Florida to Georgia

A Georgia soldier in Savannah wrote home to his wife, telling her of their movement from Florida to Georgia.

Camp Colston near Savannah Georgia Dear Susan you will se by this that we hav moved to Georgia. we left camp Randolph about 7th of this month. we were on the road 8 days. we marched 21 miles of the way through the rain and mud. I have received one letter from you and one from George since I hav been here. George and the other boys were all vary well when he writ his letter which was about the 5th of this month. this leaves me vary well at this time. I was vary glad to hear that you was all in good health and getting along vary well. I saw Mr. Radney a few days ago he is in vary good health he is stationed about half a mile from us. Station at fort Barto. We hear of no prospects of a fight here. there is however a considerable force collected here. some estimates it as high as 20 thousand men. we are attach to General Colstons Brigade. We are living in some old tents which will barly keep us dry when it rains and that is all most every day or knight. I hav jest received the comforter that you sent me by Lieutenant Russel which I was vary glad to receive. They have quit furloughing the men in this redgement for about one month but since we hav been here it as been red out on dres parade that 2 privates and one non commision officer can get a 10 day furlough at one time from each company to take affect after the 23rd of this month but thare will be no chance for me before March or April as thare is a good many married men here that has been here twice as long as I hav and we recruits has to wait til it comes to hour turn. You stated in your letter that you wanted me to write to you if you could come to see me: I will tell what I think best owing to so much bad wether I think you had better wate until Spring and if I do not get to come home then I want you to come and se me except I should get vary sick. then I want you to come be it when it may. Write soon direct to Savannah 64 Regt. Good by. Source: The Letters of Edmond Hardy Jones, Private, 64th Georgia