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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

January 26, 1865

Captured Georgia Soldier Received News of Family

A Georgia soldier being held prisoner in New York received a letter with news of his family back home.

“…Capt. Sanders received a letter from his sister at Penfield written 30th of December last. Your brother Ira had reached that place and spend several days with his aunts, Mrs. Sanders and Mrs. McDaniel, but was at that time visiting in Monroe. Your father was in Southwestern Georgia on business. Your relations were all well. The Major thus far has received no letters from the South. Neither have I, but we both hope tomorrow’s mail will bring us one or more. It has been a long while since we had a Southern mail and I want a letter from my sweetheart. I think I am entitled to one from such a quarter and ought to have it, don’t you? Capt. Sanders has received a letter recently from George Jackson. I did not know that he was a prisoner but was quite glad to hear that he was well. Give him my respects. …” Source: Anita B. Sams (ed.), With Unabated Trust: Major Henry McDaniel’s Love Letters from Confederate Battlefields as Treasured in Hester McDaniel’s Bonnet Box (The Historical Society of Walton County, Inc., 1977), p. 216.