Today, September 18...

In Georgia History

Braves Clinched 12th Straight Division Championship

For the second year in a row, the Atlanta Braves clinched their division title without playing a game. When the Florida Marlins lost, it assured the Braves were assured of their twelfth straight division title.
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In Georgia Civil War History

Yet More Skirmishes Near Lee and Gordon’s Mills; Chickamauga Campaign

Skirmishes continued around Lee and Gordon’s Mills, with the Battle of Chickamauga about to commence. There were also skirmishes at Pea Vine Ridge, Alexander’s and Reed’s Bridges, Dyer’s Ford, Spring Creek, and near Stevens’ Gap, Georgia, with the Battle of...
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In Their Own Words

Florida Invasion Failure Explained in Letter

From Savannah, Keeper of the Public Stores Thomas Jones wrote to John Lydes explaining the failure of James Oglethorpe’s Florida invasion and siege of St. Augustine: “I wrote to you from Fort Diego in Florida July 6th ultimo wherein I...
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