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In Georgia History

Georgia Senate Approved Flag Bill

In the Georgia Senate, S.B. 98 (which would change Georgia’s state flag) had its third reading. The floor was then open to debate. Ernest Vandiver, then President of the Senate, would later recall that all comments during floor debate were...
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In Georgia Civil War History

Blockade Runner Destroyed Near Cumberland Island

This week’s edition of Harper’s Weekly carried a story and image on the destruction of a boat attempting to run the blockade near Cumberlan (sic) Inlet, Georgia.
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In Their Own Words

Increased Resistance to Stamp Act

Resistance to the Stamp Act in Georgia was now reaching the potential for violence, as royal governor James Wright wrote the British Board of Trade: “Since my last to your Lordships on the 22d of Janry. Some Incendiaries were Sent...
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