Today, January 30...

In Georgia History

Bomb Thrown at MLK Jr.‘s Home

In Montgomery, Ala., a bomb was thrown onto the porch of Martin Luther King Jr.’s home. Though he was not home, Coretta Scott King, a friend, and infant Yolanda King were home–but no one was injured.
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In Georgia Civil War History

Thomas Butler King Appointed Commissioner to Great Britain, France, Belgium

Since Georgia was now an independent state, Governor Joseph E. Brown appointed Thomas Butler King, a wealthy planter from Georgia’s coastal region, as commissioner to Great Britain, France, and Belgium. King’s duties were to explain the reasons for Georgia’s secession...
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In Their Own Words

Tragedy in Colonial Georgia

William Stephens recorded a tragedy in his journal on this day: “…A melancholy Accident was discovered, by a Woman that was found dead, and cast up by the Sea near Tybee: She was known by some who went to view...
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