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In Georgia History

Bert Lance Resigned

Bert Lance, personal friend and political advisor to Pres. Jimmy Carter, resigned as director of the Office of Management and Budget after allegations of serious financial wrong-doings.
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In Georgia Civil War History

Soldier Told of Death of his Brother at Antietam

The repercussions of the Battle of Antietam were still being felt; on this day a Georgia soldier had to write back home telling of the death of his brother. “…I write to…tell the family that Walter was killed at a...
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In Their Own Words

Salzburgers Thankful Despite Problems

Even in the face of bold deer raiding their crops at night and a need for clothing, the Salzburgers at Ebenezer remained optimistic and thankful, as noted by Johann Martin Boltzius in his journal: “The weather is still dry and...
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