Today, October 30...

In Georgia History

Carter Campaigned in New Orleans

Campaigning in New Orleans, Jimmy Carter continued to hammer away at President Gerald Ford’s economic plan, focusing on Ford’s proposed $10 billion tax cut, calling it a “boondoggle” designed to benefit the wealthy at other’s expense. Carter said “let’s look...
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In Georgia Civil War History

“Sowers of Discord”

The Southern Banner of Athens published an editorial deriding those who were not fully supportive of the war effort, calling them “sowers of discord.” Later such people would be referred to as “Croakers.”
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In Their Own Words

Stephen Douglas Visit Recorded in Diary

In Gwinnett County, planter Thomas Maguire wrote of Democratic presidential candidate Stephen Douglas’s visit to Atlanta: “Up at 5:30, got breakfast and off for Atlanta. Got to Lithonia and put up our horses in Masonic lot and got Mr. George...
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