Today, November 22...

In Georgia History

Battle of Griswoldville, Troops Entered Milledgeville

This was an eventful day in Georgia arising from Sherman’s March to the Sea. Ten miles northeast of Macon, the Battle of Griswoldville - the first and only major battle during the March to the Sea - was fought. Part...
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In Georgia Civil War History

Editorial Predicted Railroads Would be Reserved for Military Use

The Southern Confederacy of Atlanta, in an editorial, foresaw the time when all railroads would be reserved for military use, and urged citizens to prepare for it.
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In Their Own Words

Rangers Attacked Blacks

Before retreating from Atlanta, Confederate Gen. Hood had selected Capt. Shannon and thirty members of the 8th Texas Cavalry (Terry’s Texas Rangers) to serve as special scouts for a secret mission: follow and report on Sherman’s army during its March...
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