Today, November 25...

In Georgia History

Prohibition Helped in Development of Coke

By a margin of just over 200 votes, voters of Atlanta and Fulton County approved a referendum providing for prohibition. The vote to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages would result in one unintended - but very important - consequence....
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In Georgia Civil War History

Editorial Praised Election of Herschel Johnson as Condederate Senator

The Confederate Union of Milledgeville published an item on the election of Herschel Johnson as a Confederate Senator, which met with the editor’s approval.
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In Their Own Words

Bridges and Houses Burned

Sherman’s secretary, Henry Hitchcock, wrote about what happened to the 20th Corps: “6 miles W. of Sandersville, Ga, tenth day out. Soon learned on the road that bridge or bridges over Buffalo Creek burned: a troublesome place, swampy, creek spreads,...
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