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In Georgia History

Laurence Fishburne Born

Laurence ‘Larry’ Fishburne was born in Augusta, Georgia. The Tony Award-winning actor has starred in a number of movies and television productions, appeared on stage, and has worked as a wrier, director, and producer.
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In Georgia Civil War History

Battle of the Crater

Near Petersburg, Virginia, the Battle of the Crater took place. Union troops had tried to tunnel under Confederate lines, and on this day ignited some explosives which produced a large crater. Union soldiers, many of them African-American, poured into the...
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In Their Own Words

First Attempt at Charter

The first actual attempt to seek a charter for Georgia was made by John Percival (the future Earl of Egmont), James Oglethorpe, and other associates interested in creating a new British colony in America. On this date, Percival recorded in...
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